Monday, September 26, 2011

First tooth!!

Yay!!!! Veda has a tooth!!! I LOVE baby teeth. 
I'm so happy. She's even been a champ. No real fussiness or drool.
(plus a crochet flower I made)

And here's a little flashback for you.
Quinn getting her first tooth (she was four months old!!) and goodness she was a cute little baby.
Couldn't find a post of Hendrix's first tooth. although I feel certain I would have mentioned it on the blog. But he was a DROOLER. I keep waiting for Veda's drool to start- but hopefully it just doesn't. Quinn didn't really drool either.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

maybe it's a boy thing bc jax DROOLS like CRAZY!!!

congrats on the first tooth!!! :) that's so exiting! and i love the flower! :-)

Mom said...

She is a tough little trooper! Such a sweet happy baby (maybe she's happy knowing Grandma is coming over next week). Cute headband too!