Friday, September 09, 2011

Quinn in wax

these are those bendy- wax things. I can't remember what they are called. But Quinn was playing with them the other day and I saw her make this:

see the hair? and the pig tails? and the "Q" at the bottom? (her stick figures don't have a body-- just arms and legs and head). So cute.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i thought you were going to say that she is waxing her legs or something. i was like --she's only FOUR!!! right??? or did she turn 5 in march?? anyway, i'm glad i was wrong. i don't know why i was thinking that - i know you are a good sane momma :) :) :)

Mom said...

I've never heard of these bendy wax things. Is it a crafting item? What are they for? Quinn is a great artist at the ripe old age of 4!