Thursday, December 15, 2011

boo hoo

 I probably shouldn't do a blog post today. You guys will notice that I'm in a lousy mood :)

Three things:
What's everyone so busy doing? And why am I not busy? I get that there are Christmas work parties, church parties, etc... but what else does everyone else have going on? And why wasn't I invited? I should be busy going to cookie exchanges, craft nights, parties etc... nope. And maybe you're thinking... "well, Am. Why don't you just take matters into your own hands?" Well... I did. TWICE. And did anyone come? Nope.

I'm hoping for two Christmas miracles. Neither one of them will happen, I guarantee-- but here they are for the universe in case "Santa" in listening. I want a camera. I am SICK of taking crappy pictures of my kids with my crappy camera. I take tons of pictures... I deserve an SLR. And the other miracle... I want to not HATE my hair. I haven't liked my hair for a while. I'm sick of feeling like I look like crap. Wow... how many times can I say "crap" in this post? I told you I was in a bad mood :)

And the third thing. Thank goodness I have Dave. Yesterday-- he came home after dealing with his own giant plate of stress. (trying to merge two companies while being 1600 miles away). He comes home to hear me whining and crying about my own stress and disappointments and helps me feel better. He talks some sense into me and puts things into perspective. And suggests a movie with popcorn and m&m's. Love him. :)


The Thomsons said...

poo! Preston ended up staying home to help Travis with the tiling, so I was going to sneak over to do some etching... but heard it was cancelled. :( I am free next week Tues or Thursday if we want to do a movie/ cookie night?

kelsey said...

Sad! I wish I could come to your fun parties again. . . and that I could watch a movie with popcorn and m&ms. I'm busy packing. . . jealous?!?!?

Just go to Blackfoot. . . I will make you feel better! lol

Dave said...

you look hot today :)

Lindsey said...

I like your moping posts!

My Christmas miracle (that's also not going to happen) would be a laptop. I'm sick of loooooong loading times on our almost dead computer.

Just thought I'd chime in :)

I'm sorry about your hair, but it really always looks fantastic to me. And I'm not just saying that.

Megan said...

Maybe no one showed up because they didn't know how good your hair looked that day? No? Sorry! I would have showed up if it wasn't 1,000 miles or so away. And I am only busy with Ward party and sewing and cooking, oh and croup. My boys would be happy to share croup with you. No? Nothing to exciting. Did I cheer you up? No? I failed miserably. I hope your season becomes super busy and fun. By the way I am so so so in love with your Christmas card! Where did you get it printed? Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I know I already bugged you Amber with a bunch of long txt messages, lol but after reading these thought I would add too... I would love a new lap top myself but Christmas is just so expensive with 3 different sets of parents and $250 for gas to go see them all but Christmas is about family and love and giving so thnak goodness we all have our families :o ) By the way my computer is about 6 years old and crashes o whenever it feels like it which is atleast 5 times a week, lol. CHEERS! -Tiff Paul-

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oh amber, now i feel so icky that i wasn't able to make it to your fun get-together. if it makes you feel any better, i have had a CRAPPY week!!! i was up til 1 AM on tuesday night doing decorations for the church christmas party and then up til midnight again last night taking the decorations down and putting them away. that's really hard to do when you have to get up for work at 5:30!!! :( just so you know, i was honestly thinking on tuesday night (while i was at the church) how SAD i was that i couldn't come to your fun party. AND that i was doing something waaaaay less fun instead. i was feeling bad for MYSELF when i guess i should've felt bad for you!!! :)
i'm sorry.
p.s. i think your hair looks good. really good. i'm not just saying that either. seriously. you're so dang cute and i would love to look just like you - hair and all :)

love you lots!

Mom said...

The movie, popcorn and M&M's sound like the perfect solution to almost anything. You always look more than beautiful to me.

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

Amber your woes sound EXACTLY like mine. Not that you're not special, but I don't think you're weird for feeling this way. I was just talking to some girls a couple days ago at Bunco (where only 4 people showed up out of the 20 or so who were invited) about how when we plan things no one ever comes. People are just lazy, its nothing personal (at least thats what Aaron keeps telling me). And trust me, your hair definitely looks better than mine. But I understand the frustration. It will pass once the winter passes, which will be sooner for you because I hear that it doesn't snow in Austin :) I hope you know how awesome I think you are.