Thursday, December 29, 2011

monkey bizness

On monday, we went to Monkey Bizness with Chris and Sarah. We all had a lot of fun. Here's some proof. 

See-- Dave looking glad that he agreed to take three hours off work to come with us.
 Grace is about the cutest thing. Every other word that I hear her say is "Veda!"
She really wanted to hug Veda. And I just stood by and took pictures.

It's all fun and games until Veda starts pulling hair. It's something I struggle with myself every time I nurse her. She loves to get a good grip and PULL. :)
 Holy smokes-- there was this giant slide. Dave had somehow talked Quinn into going down with him (on his lap). And she loved it. And eventually went down ALL BY HERSELF!! (That's cute Levi in front of her). What I should probably leave out is that I went up with Quinn one time. And had a mini panic attack because I got all the way up and it looked really steep and scary and I was not about to go down. Meanwhile all these kids were scooting in front of us trying to encourage me and help me feel better about going down.... haha. Then I finally just closed my eyes and did it since I didn't know if I could take the embarrassment of squeezing by twenty kids on my way down the ladder. It wasn't that scary-- it was a lot slower than I thought. I'm not usually that big of a wuss!! okay, maybe I am. But my heart raced for a good 15 minutes after I came down. I still can't believe that Quinn went down over and over-- and by herself.
 Veda had a lot of fun in the baby part. so did Hendrix-- he didn't like the slide or bouncy things.
 Levi took this picture. Not too bad for a four year old!!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oooh! it looks like fun! SEEEEEE???.... you do have lots of fun and exciting things going on. We haven't done anything fun all week. boo :(

Mom said...

I don't think Veda appreciated the hugs that much That slide looks fun!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

we just went tonight, it was awesome! cute pics

Mom said...

That slide looks SO fun! Looks like a great family activity.