Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Veda is not quite ten months old. But I feel like she's doing so many new things that I needed to document them. So here's some cute things that she's up to at 9 5/8ths months old:

LOVES peek-a-boo. Giggles EVERY time. And also now uses her own hands to cover her own face to play.

Can do raspberries. It brings all of us a lot of joy. The kids will do them to her--she'll do them back-- and we all laugh our heads off.

Waves bye-bye. She could do this before. But she's better at doing it on command now.

Eats lots of solids.

She's a climber!! I have to watch her. She loves to climb up on things that she's not supposed to. She also LOVES laundry baskets. She'll flop herself right into one. And if I get her out, she gets right back in. The other day she hung out in a laundry basket while I folded two loads of laundry.

Can stand unassisted. 

Walks along furniture or with a walker toy.

9 out of 10 nights she sleeps from 6:15 pm-5:30am. 

3 teeth.

Bright blue eyes, an infectious smile, a darling dimple, hardly any hair, and has me and her daddy wrapper around her little finger. twice. 
(super blurry cell phone pic).


Mom said...

Thanks for all the Veda info. She has me wrapped around my little finger 10 times! Did I say that right? I love that baby and wish I lived next door to her!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

gosh she's sure cute!!! i love her chubs

Lindsay said...

so cute. cailin loves to climb too and at about the same month LOVED the laundry basket as well. she would get in as soon as i would pull her out. i know you've seen her climbing abilities as of late, so watch that little veda closely!! haha