Friday, December 09, 2011

cute toys and destroyed projects

proof that my children (and their toys) peacefully co-exsist.

On a side note-- I've been doing a great job of destroying all the handmade gifts I've been making. I made three freezer paper shirts yesterday-- ZERO of them turned out. The gifts that I made for my mom and my sister both turned out WAY less than perfect. I sewed some pillows for my sister-in-law and after seeing them on her couch yesterday, realized they weren't great. What's the deal? I hope I snap out of it, because my list of things to make between now and Christmas is kind of long. I haven't even started my kid's presents from me...

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. December is so fun.


Mom said...

Hey- stop beating yourself up. Sometimes we are way too critical of our work that others will think is wonderful. It seems like everything you make is always SO cute. Cute to see the kids playing together.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i bet you are being waaaay too critical!! your stuff is always cute and perfect! :-)

kelsey said...

So I went to a craft fair and bought one of those crayon rolls. . . and thought of you. I thought, Amber would kill me for buying this, and I could probably just pay her to make it. . . but. . . ha.

It will be so cute in Norah's stocking!

You are the best crafter I know.