Sunday, December 18, 2011

weekend fun

We've had a busy weekend... :)
My darling niece, Ellie had a dance recital (She's the one on the right with her arms crossed). It was cute to see all the little dancers. But BOY was it hot and crowded in that little room with all those people. It has cemented in Quinn's mind that she NEVER wants to do dance. (because of recitals and being in front of those people).
 Dave's parents were also here this weekend. And we had a little Christmas celebration with them since we won't see them on actual Christmas. They brought the kids this indoor snowball fight kit-- Veda loved the 'snowballs.'
 And Hendrix got a CARS book from Grandma and Grandpa. He likes it :)

We also showed the house this weekend. So I put Quinn to work scrubbing the floors and base boards. (kidding... this was all her idea.) Saturday was the SECOND time this week we've shown the house. Who would have thought that the week before Christmas people are house hunting? 
We also had a Rocket party at our house today. I forgot to take any pictures. But we had a great time :)


Mom said...

An indoor snowball fight! What a wonderful idea. Send Quinn over and she can clean my house. That's a sweet little baby doll. Just right for a little girl. Looks like you had such a fun weekend.

kelsey said...

Oh Veda, that picture with you and the snowballs is the best.

I'm glad people are looking at the house!

Mom said...

We ALL love that pic of Veda with the snowballs! ( By all I mean the Skidmores, Dad and I And Daine and Amanda.