Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hap-Hap-Happy Anniversary!

I know that Dave already did a super sweet post for me-- but I can't help myself. I need to do one more. :)

Here are NINE things about the Daver and I- to celebrate our NINE years of marriage (when did we get so old to have been married for nine years??!)

1. Dave and I recently read through my journal of the time that we met and started dating (I used to be an avid journal writer- I never missed a day). What a fun time to remember!! We were young, crazy, and in love. I was in hair school. Dave was on summer vacation from BYU. He was teaching guitar lessons one day a week- and spent the rest of his time working on his tan at the pool. We quickly fell for each other. How could I not? He was tan and had long blonde hair and played guitar (and had braces!!) :)

2. Dave is so sweet to me. When things aren't going my way, he knows just how to cheer me up. Usually by saying one of these phrases:
"Are those your real eyelashes?"
"You look HOT today."
"Why don't you just go to Target today?"
If those don't work-- he asks me about my eyelashes again.

3. We had a very memorable anniversary while living in Los Angeles. It was our 2nd anniversary. We had heard from one of our friends that there was a steakhouse in Santa Monica that we should go to-- that seemed reasonable priced (this friend had been there for a work lunch). So we put on our best jeans and went to this restaurant. Only to sit down and order drinks and open the menu and see it was at LEAST $80 a plate. Just for the main dish-- if you wanted a side of say 4 stalks of asparagus it was $8 more. Of course, being the young kids that we were, we pretended like it was no big deal, when inside we were freaking and wanting to cry because it was more than we would spend on groceries for two weeks. It should have been a red flag that our waiter greeted us with a  napkin over his forearm. But by then, it was too late anyway.

4. We've had lots of cars in our marriage so far. Let's see if I can remember them all:
Black 89 Mazda
Turqoise 91 Chevy Cavalier
Black Mitsubishi Galant
Green-- what was that? Not a Taurus, but might as well have been
Black 94 Rodeo-- lots of memories in this. Dave drove this car when we met.
White 07 Kia Spectra
Silver 04 Durango
White 09 Dodge Grand Caravan

5. Dave's haircut is usually the last on my list. And likewise-- I'm the last person he wants to design anything for :)

6. I generally trust Dave's opinion on almost anything. He's smart. Has a good head on his shoulders. Has a good eye. Knows what's cool, good, and right. So if I need an opinion about what song to listen to, or what necklace I should wear with my outfit, or what appliance I should buy-- he's the guy to ask. He just knows.

7. Dave is the world's best dad. The kids adore him. And it makes me adore him even more.

8. Dave's favorite things are pickles, chips, beef jerky, and vegetables. My favorites include none of those. Opposites attract, I guess.

9. Even though we've had nine awesome years- we've had our share of ups and downs. I don't think there is a marriage on the planet that doesn't have good times AND bad. I'm grateful for a husband that works hard at our marriage. I'm grateful for the nine years we have under our belt and the things we've learned along the way. Life is an adventure-- and I'm one lucky girl to experience it with this guy by my side.


Dave said...

Thanks for the post Ambie. Can't say I didn't cry a little.

So glad I somehow snagged you (rather than any of those other 8 guys you went on dates with the week before we met - per your journal).

You're the best mommy and prettiest wife ever.

Love you the most.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

awwww! this is SO sweet! you guys are just super cute!!! happy anniversary! i hope you have enjoyed celebrating!! love you both lots! XO

valerie said...

Seriously you are the cutest couple ever (with the exception of me and Justin of course!)

Honestly you guys are so stinkin hilarious, and tender at the same time :)

Good job Dave for being such an amazing hubby to your beautiful wife! And Amber you are a superwoman inside that tiny body of yours!

Happy 9th year together :)

kelsey said...

You guys are so cute and I love you and miss you! Target always works, what a smart guy. Also, I've known you with three of those cars, so that counts for something, right?

Happy Anniversary.

Mom said...

This put me in the mood for chips and mascara. OK, this made me get a little emotional. You two are so cute together. I'm happy and proud to call you both "my kids". I love you and love that you love each other. In fact, I can tell you adore each other just like Dad and I do. Happy next 9 million years!

Julie said...

Happy be-lated anniversary guys! And don't forget about that Alaska cruise next year with me & Daniel (15 and 10 are both big anniversaries!) Ha! (As if either of us will have any money this next year after moving across the country!)