Wednesday, May 02, 2012

14 month old Veda

Veda is 14 months old!!!

- She eats what we eat. Still no nuts or honey or chips- but everything else! She loves pickles, ice-cream, strawberries, noodles, tacos, or anything she sees the big kids eating.

- has 7 teeth. I see more coming... molars. She also has a pretty noticeable underbite. Maybe that will change once she gets more teeth. Her bottom teeth have also come in super crooked. But cute, cute, cute.

- Still nursing like a champ. I haven't cut down any feedings, so she's still nursing about 4 times a day. She has had things with cows milk in them, but she hasn't had any cows milk to drink yet.

- Her favorite place to sit is this little stool my mom painted.

- Loves to dress up. She loves shoes and will hand me a shoe, sit down, and stick her foot up ready for me to stick it on her. She also loves hats, headbands, necklaces, bracelets, or any clothes she finds that she can get over her head.

- Doesn't say much. She's capable of saying mama and dada. But doesn't really very much. She'll give a yes or no answer- but they are kind of grunty with getting her point across.

- Can dance. She just sticks her arms straight out BEHIND her and spins.

- Hates to have her hair done. I re-do it all day. She just rips it out over and over.

- Is a blankie lover. Quinn never had an attachment to a blankie or stuffed animal. Hendrix really has-- and I think Veda is going to be a lot like Hendrix. She has a certain blankie that she loves. If you grab it and hold her she will snuggle you. I never take advantage of such a thing. ;)

- She loves to roll around on the rug. She'll fling herself down and roll back and forth. Quinn usually joins her :)

- Is really happy and smiley. Many people who meet her ask me if she's always so smiley. And yes-- she is.

 - Growing up WAY to fast.


Mom said...

Veda is just the BEST! What a sweet wonderful baby she is!

Lindsay said...

such a little cutie. and yes they do grow up WAY TOO FAST. i wish cailin would slow down.

kelsey said...

Is it awful that I secretly love that she pulls her hair out? hehehe. She is so darling, and I'm glad she's perfect and wonderful. Those kind are the best kind of babies to get!

That picture of her and dave is super cute.