Monday, May 07, 2012

More pics of the house and Quinn update

I had a couple of you ask me how Quinn was doing. So here's a little update:
She is doing well. She went to Primary yesterday!!! (without me). She has to re-do her kinder-evaluation because she refused to talk to the teacher last time. It's next wednesday, so keep your fingers crossed. It kind of breaks my heart to see her so worked up and anxious about stuff. I hope that she can continue to get used to things. The other night before bed she told me that I could just put her to sleep in HER bed. (She's been falling asleep in my room, then we transfer her to her bed when I come to bed). It was completely her idea to go to bed in her room, and I was thrilled! 60 seconds after putting her to bed she got up and wanted to sleep in my bed. But that's okay! Baby steps :) 
 Today we had a play date with a new little friend from her primary class. So she's doing well and wanting some social interaction. We are BOTH missing preschool though. :)
 So we're still plugging away at the house trying to get it all put together. Here's a shelf we just hung up in the hallway (yep-- still empty frames all over this place) :)
 The girl's room is coming along. I was waiting to take pictures until I finished Veda's bedding. I had to make her new bedding since the grey/pink didn't match Quinn's stuff.
Here it is- crib rail protectors and a crib skirt. I would have loved to get her a white crib, but I'm not made of money. So we'll make due with black until Hendrix is ready for a big boy bed- then I'll swipe his white one for Veda to use.
 And a super blurry picture of Quinn's side.
More of Quinn's side.
 Quinn- my budding photographer. She had us all do 'thumb's up.'
And a picture of a little boy. 
We still have lots to do-- but isn't that always the case? I need some ideas of what to do on the wall over Veda's crib. Any one have any ideas?


Sarah Keller said...

Love the rooms! You are such a great decorator! I pinned something on my pinterest account that has IKEA glass frames with pictures of two girls in them. I thought I would do that on a wall when Ellie and Grace room together next year. Go check it out! You take so many good pictures, it is fun to put them up all over!

Mom said...

Did you guys get a new car? (Hendrix sized). And a new scooter? The house looks very cute! You guys rock at decorating. I hope Quinn gets more brave. I was shy when I was little too. I love Veda's new bedding.