Wednesday, May 09, 2012

a day in the life

Someday, I'm going to miss these crazy days of having teeny tiny kids. I thought it would be good to periodically record how our days go so someday I can look back and smile :)

A day in the life of us:

5:30- wake up. 4 out of 7 nights Quinn has already woken up and is laying in bed with us. If she is, I whisper for her to stay in bed while I shower.

6 - both younger kids wake up (Quinn has already gotten up and is talking my ear off while I get dressed). I nurse the baby while the other kids watch a show.

6:30 - I call my mom while getting the kids breakfast. Yogurt, Cheerios, granola, or a banana. There was a time that we had oatmeal every day. Now I'm super sick of it and only make it when Hendrix begs.

7 - change usually two poopy kids. And get everyone else dressed since they are half undressed anyway.
Do my hair/make up/kids' hair in the next two hours while finishing up with my mom on the phone and cleaning up breakfast.

Dave wakes up around 8. So right when he rolls out of bed we bug him by showing him 100 things and asking him 100 questions. It's fun :)
He juices for breakfast, so the kids talk him into sharing a 'big' carrot or an apple with them.

We play in the playroom until Veda goes down for her morning nap- around 8 or 8:30.

While she sleeps I get all of us ready to go (if we are leaving the house that day). Diaper bag packed, etc. plus try and get the dishwasher unloaded and the house cleaned up from the first couple hours of destruction :)

After v wakes up, she nurses. Then we head out! Costco, target, or another errand. Or the park! Parks have been a frequent thing lately as there are so many new ones to explore. Usually when I say that we are going to a park, Hendrix will ask me if there are benches at the park we're going to. I think it's because he wants to bring along toy cars and race them along the bench. Yet even though there are always benches, he never ends up using them. But he still asks me the next time we go :)

My kids are pretty good while we're out and about. They like to go shopping or run errands. Which is awesome, since I don't have the luxury of not taking them with me. I still put Veda in the moby wrap, and hendrix sits in the cart and Quinn walks or sits with hendrix. I get lots of looks and lots of "OOhhh... You've got your hands full." Even though my kids are being good :)

11- Lunch!

Hendrix naps from 12-3. Awesome, I know. If have been out running errands, he'll go down later, but it's perfect if I can get him down by 12. That's how he sleeps the longest. Veda goes down at 1 or 1:30 and sleeps for one or two hours. Quinn and I have "quiet time" while the babies sleep. She paints, colors, watches a movie, or plays with toys while I try and clean up lunch and the rest of the house or fold laundry.

After the babies wake up (Veda nurses again), then we play outside (those days are almost over!! it'll be too hot in the afternoon to do anything other than the sprinkler or stay inside!)

We eat dinner at 5. My kids are good eaters. They love fruits and veggies and we have them every night for dinner. Along with something easy for a main dish. I hardly ever cook anything that hard. :)

5:45 BATH! My kids aren't always happy about bath time. Well, Veda is- but she's happy about everything. Especially since we've moved, Quinn will have a major tantrum over getting in the bath. It also has something to do with the fact that both younger kids have pooped in the bath in the last few months. So sometimes bath is a struggle, but we still do it every night. I love clean kids!!

I start nursing Veda and putting her down for bed around 6:40. The other kids play with Dave and read books until I'm done. Then we all read a few more books together, brush teeth, then go to bed! The last TWO nights Quinn has gone to sleep in her own bed!!! woo hoo!! I knew she'd do it eventually.

After the kid are down, DAve and I take turns going for a run and cleaning up the house. Then we relax and watch Netflix until I can no longer keeps my eyes open (about 9:15). I'm such a party animal :)

So that's our normal day around here. Lots of fun and laughs and craziness with these darling kids. I wouldn't trade these days for the world. I know they'll be over before I know it.


Lindsey said...

Seeing that 5:30am wake-up time exhausts me. When do you fit in your crafting and blogging?

Mom said...

I enjoyed reading about your day. We all have routines but mine is much less structured except on days I work (which won't be til mid July now). You sure are organized!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Oh amber, this post made me feel happy!! I've been feeling lately like my life is so much crazier than everyone else's...And it has been making me cranky and sad. Glad to hear that it is just a typical life of a momma and your day is just as busy and crazy as mine! :)


Dave said...

Correction: Dave has been getting up between 7-7:30 since we moved.

Also, 9-5: Dave's making the moneys!

Mom said...

I'm SO glad that I'm part of your day! Routines help us make sense of our lives.

Heather said...

Can I ask you how you became such an early to bed, early to rise person?? I go to bed at midnight, but still have to get up at 8. But I would just LOVE to get up at 5:30 and get ready for the day. Your awesome schedule is inspiring. Seriously! I have a feeling you were born that way though. =)