Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MI pictures-- viewing/luncheon

Is it strange that I took pictures during such an occasion? It's hard not to when I'm surrounded by family that I want to soak up every minute with, and a darling baby. So think what you will- and here are some pictures from the viewing/luncheon.

Veda was given anything she wanted (including cookies for dinner). She was surrounded by doting Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents. And was the only child under 12 around. 
 What a brave Grandma to hold Veda while she's eating a cookie wearing a pretty white shirt.
Okay-- so I did put the breaks on the cookies after she had two. Veda did not understand why she couldn't have more. And I guarantee if I hadn't of been standing there saying no, someone would have come over and given her one :)
In between viewing sessions all the Stevens' went to Old Country Buffet. I'm sure that's where my Grandpa wanted us to go.
 While we waited for everyone else to eat dinner (she was full on cookies remember?) we wandered around the mall that the restaurant was in.
I am SO SAD I didn't get a picture of me and my siblings together. But this is as good as I got-- at least  Julie, Daine and Fritz are in this one.
 Sweet, sweet Veda so tired and ready to go home after the funeral.
See-- so tired. She was such a trooper though. My brother in law, Daniel was kind enough to spend the funeral in the hall with Veda so I could be there. Funerals aren't really the best place for a loud and antsy 15 month old.


Mom said...

I hadn't seen any of those pictures so thanks for sharing them. We made some good memories along with the somber. I'm SO glad you were all here. I'm sure it meant a lot to Dad too.

Julie said...

Who, US???? We would NEVER let your baby eat cookies for every meal! Ummmmmmm. . .

kelsey said...

Poor baby, she looks so wasted! Those cookies look delish right about now. . . and the mike n ikes. I better get off of your blog!