Friday, May 18, 2012

Trip to MI part 1

As you can imagine, I have LOTS of pictures to catch up on! Veda and I got home from Michigan yesterday. I am exhausted and jet-lagged and have mountains of laundry to catch up on! But it was all worth it. Here are some pictures from my trip. I have tons, so I'll probably get through these over the course of a week.

My mom's cast! She even let us sign it (but I think only because she was getting it off this week) :)
 The girls-- all ready for church on Mother's day. It was kinda sad to be away from Dave, Quinn, and Hendrix-- but it was awesome to be with my mom and sister.
 Veda trying on a hat at the GAP when we went shopping. She is so silly.
 And oh- a slipper too :)
 This was too cute. We went for a walk one evening and my mom was very concerned about Veda having sun in her face. She would walk in front of the stroller so she could block the sun.
 Or have my dad walk with the stroller backwards.
 So spoiled... she doesn't get that kind of treatment at home :)
This was at my grandpa's place. We walked over to get some things and Veda saw this ceramic dog on the floor. I have many memories of that little dog, so it's sweet that I got a picture of Veda with it.
Julie playing piano with Veda. Maybe someday Veda will be a great piano player and I can show her this picture  :)
 Veda was AWESOME on our trip. I could not ask for a better baby. She flew well-- not perfect, but pretty good. She is so stinking smiley and happy and content. I think everyone who was around her this week loved her to pieces. I don't blame them. She was a fun travel companion and I'm glad I had her with me.


kelsey said...

I was about to call the search party for you. When you don't blog, I feel like we live hundreds of miles apart. . . oh wait. We do.

Love all the pictures, and Veda being spoiled by your parents--- so cute.

Mom said...

It was SO great having you here! Thanks for helping to make that happen Dave! You guys are the BEST!

Lindsay said...

glad you had a good trip with your family although it wasn't for the best of reasons. im sorry about your grandpa. on a different note, im really jealous that veda will wear flip flops. cailin FREAKS OUT. and thats an understatement. me being the flip flop crazy girl that i am is having a hard time with her disaffection. sad!!