Monday, May 28, 2012


Another favorites list. Tell me when you get sick of hearing things I love and I'll stop.

Zappos. I've been on the hunt for white sandals. I searched all over-- went to every store in the mall and couldn't find what I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. And then Zappos came along. Huge selection, free shipping. Awesome.

Nestle Upside down milkshake. Do any of you have a Nestle Cookie store at your mall??! If you do- go the mall right now and get a chocolate upside down milkshake. It's the best thing ever.

Laquered nails. I never get my nails done- but when I was in Michigan a couple weeks ago I noticed how cute my mom's nails were. She had them lacquered (since she's off work for a while and her arm was in a cast she got hers done). So I went and got mine done too. So awesome. They are grown out now- but no chips- and isn't that the worst part of having painted nails-- when it chips off?? 

Modern Family. Please tell me that you watch this show. It's hilarious. Gloria is my favorite person ever. Or maybe Phil. Or maybe the mom since she reminds me of me-- only she's WAY prettier- just the uptight side of her reminds me of me. Here is a little taste of Gloria.

Pei Wei. Where has it been all my life? So so good. 

Texas. Seriously you guyses-- this place is awesome. Come visit and I'll show you :)


Pikula's said...

I lOVE Modern Family too...and those three Gloria, Phil, and Claire are my favs too! So funny!!!

kelsey said...

stop talking about milkshakes. never seen modern family. I want to come to Texas.

Mom said...

I love it when you do favorites. It's good to know what to try out that someone else recommends.You should try Marie Calendars frozen banana cream pie. It has to thaw a while then I add some sliced banana on it. Yumm!

Chelsea and Shane said...

I'm liking the ideas that I get from your "favorites". A long time ago you posted a blog that you love and that you felt made you a better mother and now I'm a regular follower. Keep them coming!!!

Julie said...

We all love Modern Family in our house! Also, our Pei Wei closed a few months back and I swore we were going to starve to death. Now we just have to drive a little farther to get there! BTW--sign up for their online stuff cuz they periodically send you coupons for free dinners!!!!

Heather said...

Modern Family is one of our favorites! I love every single character.

bjjmltaylor said...

I love Modern Family. . . Phil is my favorite. I hate it when summer comes and I have to wait until fall for it to come back on!

I am so glad you are doing great!

Love and miss you!

P.S. still no baby. . . i am going crazy!