Sunday, May 20, 2012

MI- airport and the mall

Sweet little sleeping baby.
 Waiting at the airport for Uncle Fritz to land.
 Showing Grandma her cute shoes while waiting at the airport :)
 At the mall playing on the breakfast food. We HAD to take a picture of Veda on the eggs just for Dave. For those of you who don't know that Dave well enough-- he has an extreme hate of eggs. He loves eggs jokes, Quinn is even getting kinda good at them. You should tease him about eating eggs. He'd laugh :)
 This was how the whole week was. Veda standing around smiling while everyone stared at her.

 You totally can't tell we're related :)

I'm glad that we had a little time to do some 'fun stuff' before the funeral stuff started. It would have been a shame to travel that far and not do anything else. 


Mom said...

You have the cutest baby in the world. And so charming! That was a fun day. I love that picture with us three Stevens (or formally Stevens) girls.

Lindsay said...

veda is such a cutie patootie and i love that she has a necklace on always. and what a great pic of you, your mom, and sister. beautiful ladies!!!