Thursday, May 10, 2012

my new haircut

So I got my first "Texas haircut." You're welcome for sharing these not-so-great pictures of me :) At least Veda looks cute. That's what really matters after all.

And the haircut is okay. It's shorter than I asked her to cut it, so it's quite a bit shorter in front than I had in mind (and cutting it shorter than I asked her to is a big red flag since it was the first time she cut my hair. Plus she showed up 25 minutes late to my appointment-- another red flag). But she had awesome tattoos and great hair and I felt like she knew what she was doing. (and offered me a job 5 times... ha ha.) I am trying to remind myself that change is good, and maybe I'll love it in a few days :)


T-I-F-F-A-N-Y said...

It looks good girly and feel lucky. . . . It's much longer than mine ;-) I still need to do my new short hair post but having trouble getting a good picture. Im still not quite use to styling my short hair

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

it's cute! did you color it to? the brown looks brown-er :) i like it!!

Mom said...

You look cute!
Your hair looks cute!
Veda is SO cute!
What would I do without the word "cute"?

Lindsay said...

you're so cute no matter which way you wear your hair. i think you look fabulous and yes that veda is a cutie pie too. she looks a lot like quinn in that first pic.

Emily said...

It is SUPER, SUPER cute! I love it!!!

Kate said...

I love the colors!!I wish i could rock that hairstyle like you are! I am much to scared to cut my hair so short :x