Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Last week on Instagram

Wowee, the weeks sure go by. Here are my Instagrams from last week. (Mostly Veda again... I just can't help but take pictures of her ALL DAY LONG)

FHE at the pool- eating watermelon 

 Veda swiping my entire smoothie I made for breakfast

 (Sorry- dark picture)- Dave and I on a date. Getting a Pazookie at BJ's.
 School shopping! (I'll take that one in the middle)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

love love love the one of quinn and veda! sweet sisters! and of course the last one of hendrix is so cute too!!! your kids are adorable and your life looks so happy!!! we just love you guys!

Mom said...

What's a pazookie? I love that one of Veda in big hat and diaper! i love how Hendrix stays hydrated with the hair water bottle! Also love Veda in the toys and in the rack of clothes!