Thursday, August 30, 2012


Quinn had her 'big' appointment yesterday. What a day!!!
The dentist had given us the option of either in-office sedation or to go to the hospital and give her general anesthesia. We had a hard time deicing what to do because she needed so much work done and we didn't want her to suffer- but the hospital would have been twice as expensive- plus it just seemed like a bigger deal to take her to the hospital. So we decided to try the in-office sedation. The hardest part was WAITING!! Quinn couldn't have any food or water in the morning. Which stinks because we wake up so early and her appointment wasn't until 8:45. Then they didn't actually start until after 9. Then we had to wait over an hour longer for the 'sleepy juice' to kick in. PLUS, I  told Quinn that I would not eat or drink either. I had gotten up to run 4 miles at 4:30 in the morning- plus I'm still nursing. I WAS STARVING!! (I had even snuck a yogurt before Quinn woke up and I still thought I was going to die. Skipping food is not my thing). But Quinn never complained at all about not being able to eat. Sweet little thing. It might have been because she was pretty nervous? So the plan was to do half of her work this time, then have us come back and to do the other side of her face. But Quinn was doing so great that the dentist went ahead and did the whole thing! Which was awesome because the thought of starving and waiting again seemed like pure torture. Plus I didn't know how easy it would be to talk Quinn into coming back after she knew what she was in for. But wow- Quinn was a trooper. After the dentist finished all the way she told me that Quinn had been asleep through almost the entire thing. The 'sleepy medicine' and laughing gas makes some kids fall asleep- but most kids just get pretty loopy and relaxed. I'm SO GLAD she fell asleep. What a relief. Because she had a mouth full of dental work done. 2 root canals, 3 crowns, and 3 fillings. And yes, we brush her teeth. She just has weak enamel and the dentist told me that there is nothing we could have done to prevent this from happening. 

She has recovered well considering how much she had done. The worst part has been her bottom lip. It got super swollen and cracked. She was sleepy yesterday but woke up feeling good today (other than her poor lip still). But she went to school. She said she had a good day, but cried for a solid 15 minutes after she got home. Poor baby. But she's doing great- and it's OVER and now she has 3 pretty silver teeth :) 
 Sweet girl after she was all done.


Cami and Juan said...

Oh wow, she is so tiny in that dentist chair. Thank goodness it is over!

kelsey said...

ah . . . I'm dying. Poor baby!!! That sucks. Seriously. What a trooper. I'm so glad she fell asleep too. Man, that is the pits to have all that done in such a tiny mouth. Some people get all the luck (and good, strong teeth). lol. I'm not one of them, and it's too bad she isn't either!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oh my word that breaks my heart for both of you!! i bet it has been hard on you too. i just hate seeing my kiddos not feel well or be hurting. sad! :( i hope she recovers well and her lip doesn't hurt her tomorrow!

Jan said...

Aren't we glad we live in a time where they can sedate children for such things! My brother's kids have the same thing--weak bites! I am glad she did so well!!! You are such a great mom to fast with Quinn! Good job!


Mom said...

OK, this one made me cry. Just seeing her in that dentist chair with the gas on her face and knowing what you both went through. I'm so glad it's over and pray that she will not have to have too much more dental work in the future.

Sarah Keller said...

Way to go Quinn! I think those procedures are harder on the parents than they way to go Amber! I am sure you are thrilled that it is over. Miss you guys.