Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catch up

Just some cuteness from the last few days that I'm finally getting to.
Yes- we watch a show first thing in the morning. Veda never usually watches since I nurse her while they watch. But here she is nestled between them watching for a minute. Too cute.

 And more snuggles. I love these girls and how they love each other.
 And just the kids eating breakfast. Ha... Veda eating is just the best.
If you were wondering if 17 months of age was old enough to use markers- the answer is no.
 Veda after waking from a nap on Friday.

Sweet baby cuteness

 The family heading to the pool yesterday. They are the best.
See? :)
 Making a tower. I love how proud she looks.
Yep- mostly of Veda. My most cooperative subject.


Julie Allen said...

She really is the cutest thing ever!

Mom said...

Oh how i love these pics!!!!

kelsey said...

She looks so big snuggled in between Quinn and Hendrix! Sad.

Julie said...

Too much cuteness! I love those sleepy morning faces!