Wednesday, August 29, 2012

iPhone pics

Last week on Instagram:

We got this for Quinn for a "good luck in Kindergarten" present. She learned some sign language last year in pre-school and since then we've always done the "I love you" sign to each other. I thought if she were ever at school and missed me she could always remember that her mommy loves her.
 If only I could walk around all the time with an Instagram filter on my face. Lets me honest- I have WAY more freckles than this picture lets on :)
An exciting thing that happened during this trip to Freddy's on Saturday- there was a little lizard under our table right when we sat down that we were all watching. Hendrix got down and kinda poked it with his finger (because that's what little boys do?!) and right when Hendrix poked him, the lizard tried to run off-- which means that his tail got ripped off by Hendrix (oops). But boy was it super fascinating to watch that little tail wiggle all by itself for so long! ;)
For date night last week we went out for Ethiopian food. We ate all this without utensils- just this spongy bread that you use to kinda scoop up what you are eating. It was interesting and an adventure-- but the only thing on this huge plate that I liked was the meat on the left (I think it was lamb). This plate of food served 4 of us with some left over.
 Pajama legs

Quinn's second visit to the dentist lately. The good news-- we LOVED the second dentist that we tried. And the other good news- Quinn went today and had all her work done. (more to come on that)
 Hanging out at the park
 Sharing some cheese

 Sock hands and undies!
 Playing at IKEA
 Dave and I hanging out and watching a movie while both working on our lap tops.


kelsey said...

way too much to comment on.
1. is veda seriously HANGING on that bar?!?!? that's crazy and awesome.

2. I want to see more of your freckles. I love freckles. Of course, we always love what we don't have I guess.

3. I want to try Ethiopian food. Probably not in Idaho, though. lol.

4. Stop going on dates without me.

5. Come over.

Mom said...

I think I already commented on many of these on instagram. Wow we are so techi!!!!

Julie said...

That Veda is so super cute and photogenic!!! I love her face hanging on the bar with the boys and her scrunchy nose sitting in the fridge with X! And Am, you seriously don't need instagram filtering--you're GORGEOUS all the time!!!!