Sunday, August 12, 2012

picture catch up

Here's a picture catch up from the past few days.

Veda looking cute dressed up for church.
 We went to San Marcos to do some shopping on Saturday (it's about an hour away). This is the girls on the way home. Shopping must wear them out.
 Me and the kiddos today.
 Quinn looking cute on the way home from the pool
 Veda looking cute at pool
 ha... Veda loves to point to herself on the iPad. I don't blame her.
 More of me and the kids. Two things I love about this picture:
1. Quinn and Hendrix laughing their heads off at something Dave was saying
2. Veda's weird outfit of Hendrix's shirt and Quinn's pajama bottoms (She picked it out herself)
 Veda at Johnny Rockets while we were in San Marcos.


Lindsay said...

these were so fun to look at. i know i say this ALL THE TIME, but you have the cutest kiddos ever. i'll just keep telling you that, ok?

Mom said...

I LOVE that one where you are all laughing. And dittos to Lindsay's comments.