Sunday, August 26, 2012

waterpark, chalk, and soccer

A photo catch up from the week. I don't think Instagram has helped my blogging. Sorry loyal blog followers ;)

Veda hanging out in my bathtub
 We ate at Freddy's yesterday. It was SO good. Seriously- amazing ice cream (and burgers and fries).
 My cute boys taking a nap
 We went to a little water park yesterday afternoon. We were trying to live it up yesterday since school starts TOMORROW!
 Quinn has to bring a towel to school everyday for 'reflective time.' It had to be labeled- so I made a label.
 We had 'school supply drop off night' the other day. So here is the gang in Quinn's classroom. Veda is all red because we had to stand outside for a while... it was HOT! Hendrix kept asking where his seat was. He's already ready for Kindergarten :)
 I am sure going to miss this girl every day now that she'll be in school.
 Just her toys. I love watching how she plays with them :)
 We did sidewalk chalk the other day.
 I think that's a spider with hair.
 We signed Hendrix up for soccer on Saturday. Here are the girls patiently waiting for him to try out a class.
 There he is in the middle with Dave. Third kid back
 And look how cute... big sister catching Veda on the slide.

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Mom said...

Such cute pictures of your week! I loved them all!