Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Peacemaker

I've been noticing little things about Quinn lately that make me so proud. She is sweet, helpful, careful, caring, smart, and kind. I've been hearing her say things lately that make me so happy. It makes me feel like maybe I actually did something right :)

Here's some examples:

Sometimes while we're all getting ready for bed- brushing teeth, reading books, etc., Quinn will whisper to me and ask me if I'll put her to bed. Hendrix usually insists on me doing it (instead of Dave), but Quinn also likes a turn now and then. She'll ask me if I'll do it, and I'll say yes since it is usually her turn. Then when it's actually time for tucking in - Hendrix will throw a fit and cry and hug me. Quinn will lovingly tell me that I can put him to bed after all so that he's not so sad.

She's so careful of Hendrix's feelings. If she has something that she knows that he wants- she'll hand it over. Or be discrete about having something if she knows that it's something that he can't have.

If I have to sneak into Veda's room while she's asleep, and ask Quinn to be quiet for a minute- she not only immediately starts whispering, but will mute the TV, or completely stop what she is doing so she can be as quiet as possible.

Tonight I changed my shirt and Quinn saw it and took a breath and said "You are so much more beautiful than any princess ever!"

She obeys like her life depends on it. We ask her to clean up- and she CLEANS up. She also checks up on Hendrix and makes sure that he cleans up what he is supposed to and tries hard to motivate him to do it.

Today we went out for lunch and a little girl who was eating by us walked over and said "Hi" to us. Quinn actually said "Hi" back!! And louder than a whisper. And I could see the joy in Quinn's eyes as she asked me if I heard her say Hi!! :) 
(That honestly may seem like no big deal at all- but for my quiet little Quinn- it's a huge deal)

If we tell her she can't have dessert until she finishes her dinner- she finishes her dinner. ALL of it. And if I offer her dessert before she's finished all of it- she'll say no because she didn't do what I had asked her to do yet.

She is just the best little girl I could ever ask for. I'm so proud to be her mom and am so proud of how much growing up she has done in the past few months.


Julie said...

Obviously a testament to the outstanding parenting she's had from you and Dave! What a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Love Quinn and am so glad she's such a good listener.

Carter is a lot like this too. Sometimes I have to make it a point, to let him have his way because sometimes his younger brother can be too demanding. I want Carter to know that what he wants is important too.

Cute little kiddos you have!! :) Love reading about them.


kelsey said...

she needs to come rub some of that off on norah. even one thing . . . lol.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

parenting at it's best! congrats!

Kelli @ The Turquoise Piano said...

So so so sweet!

Mom said...

This one made me tear up with pride for my wonderful grand-daughter. You're a wonderful mom to raise such a sweetheart!

anujesse said...

This post made me remember of my childhood. Quinn's got real great parents to encourage her to talk.