Monday, August 06, 2012

Pool and popsicles

Just trying to soak up as much summer as possible before Kindergarten starts in three weeks. Here are the girls in some new swimsuits before heading to the pool this morning with some friends.
 I asked them to give me a thumbs up.
Then Veda got excited when she thought she was doing it :)
 She seemed to find another pair of sunglasses in the wagon. Lucky. 
Last week we went to my friend's house to wash cars. Here are the kids working hard to get the bugs off the front of my mini van (I don't know if I've had a car wash since we've moved!) Yikes!
Then the kids all had a popsicle. Here are way too many pictures of Veda eating hers. They were all just so cute.

 Here mom- want some?
And to answer some questions that some of you had about our cruise-- yes, we are going without kids. It's for our anniversary. And yes- I'm going to freak out. My mom is coming out to watch the kids. I'm still going to freak out :)
We are going to Jamaica, Mexico, and Cayman Islands. For a week!!!! :)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i love the third picture. the look on quinn's face is like, nice try veda, but not quite :-)

and quinn looks super cute in piggy tails!

ANNNND, i am so excited for you and dave and your cruise! that will be so, so fun!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Love Veda's shades, too cute!

I still can't believe you are going for a week without kids, so jealous....I don't think I could do it yet, but maybe in a couple years :-) We could try for our 15 year anniversary in 2015!! I'm proud of guys deserve it! Miss you guys like crazy!

Mom said...

Don't freak out. We'll be fine. Especially if we face time every day and you bring us a souvineer!!!