Sunday, November 29, 2009

8 months

Hendrix is 8 months old!!!

Here's what the big man has been up to:

  • TWO TEETH!! (he just got #2 yesterday)

  • has been sleeping through the night for the last two weeks (from 6:30-5 or so...)

  • can pull himself up to stand

  • says "ba"

  • can pick up food with his index finger and thumb... and LOVES it

  • is happy and sweet and giggles a lot

  • still drools like a faucet

  • notices and PROTESTS if he sees me walk away from him

  • wears 12 month size clothes

  • Dave guesses that he weighs 22 pounds??

he can't help himself but to be fascinated by the Christmas tree.

Quinn was showing me with her fingers how many eight was. She was close :)


daine said...

How does Quinn not know her multiplication tables to 8 yet? Do you not teach her important things like being able to multiply her own age in years by 12 and then divide by how old she is in relation to her brother? I'm 1.106 times older that you right now, in case you're wondering, by the way.

Mom said...

That is one extremely cute eight month old! Tell him Grandma said congrats on the 2nd tooth. That one picture of him with the tree in the background is SO cute. Daine is a smart alec huh?

Mom said...

Dad will give Quinn some math lessons. Happy 8 months Hendrix! You've accomplished a lot.

KMiller said...

Those are REALLY cute pictures of Hendrix!! What a cutie.

And congrats to Quinn...The numbers 4 and 8 don't exist in Ryan's mind. According to him he has 6 fingers on one hand.