Sunday, November 29, 2009


Quinn has started asking "Why" for EVERYTHING that happens all day. Here is an example of one of our conversations lately:

Me to Dave as he walks up the stairs carrying some clean laundry: thanks!
Quinn: What mom?
Me: I just said thanks to daddy for carrying the clothes upstairs
Quinn: Why
Me: Because he brought the clothes upstairs for me
Quinn: Why?
Me: Because I washed them
Quinn: Why?
Me: Because they were dirty and we like to wear clean clothes
Quinn: Why?
Me: Because it's just more comfortable to wear clean clothes
Quinn: Why?
Me: um.... I don't know Quinn. go ask dad

I can tell you one thing... I am going to get VERY smart having to think through the reason for everything that happens in life.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

That's cute! And one time, one of those answers to why is going to be "because I said so"..... :)

Mom said...

What a smartie! It WILL drive you crazy some days.

cc said...

What a cute dress! And yes, it's only the beginning...

KMiller said...

HAHA that made me laugh because Ryan went through a WHY phase. The only thing I found to get him to stop was to ask him a question that he had to think about to redirect the conversation. So in the clothing situation after she asked "why" I would say, "What's your favorite clean shirt to wear?" This wasn't supposed to be parenting advice I just remember I got to the point where I wanted to pull my hair out because he asked why soooo much. my sister gave me that advice and it was very welcomed lol