Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Owen's blessing day

Jason and Christy blessed baby Owen on Sunday. I love how everyone in the middle of this picture is wearing black...then there's Dave on the left--wearing grey and holding a green baby...sorry, Christy, I swear I tried to grab Hendrix from Dave!!

After church we decided to hang out at a park for a little while. We were obviously prepared... we were all there in our Sunday best. The kids didn't care--they had a ball! It was such a beautiful day too! (good thing, since I didn't bring anyone a coat either)

ha... I love this picture of Emery on the slide.

Quinn and Emery playing in a pile of leaves. (that thier dad's lovingly collected for them in their Sunday clothes)


Mom said...

Quinn's dress is so pretty! It looks like it was a beautiful day at the park and that the kids loved it! We've been having our Indian Summer too! Woo-Hoo- no coat today and it's mid November! Congrats to Jason and Christi on their new little one.

Shane and Amy Jo said...

Hi Amber!
I'm so bummed I didn't get to say hi on Sunday. Sometimes I feel like a crazy person running around on Sundays! That was so nice of you to be there for the blessing. And your kids are as cute as ever. I can't believe how big Hendrix is getting. He is darling.

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Thanks again for being there for the blessing. We should do church together more often :-) The kiddos had fun at the park, it is too bad the weather is changing or we could meet there more often.