Monday, November 30, 2009

dear santa:

dear santa:
I really need some boy toys for in here...
i've been really good.
love, Hendrix

I have to admit that I really don't like these 'dad rocks' shirts on 90% of the population. but since in our case it's true... :) they should only sell them to babies whose dad is actually in a band, don't you think?

sorry all of you whose kids are sporting 'rocks' shirts. dave can give your husbands a guitar lesson.


The Thomsons said...

The shirt is fitting for him. My kids just need the "My Daddy is a Geek" shirt!:)

kelsey said...

Ha. You little rock band snob! jk. The shirt looks great on Hendrix, especially because his dad plays the guitar. I still think they're cute on other babies too though. . . don't hate me if I ever buy one for my kid! lol.

Mom said...

Dear Hendrix-
I'm on it.
Love, Santa

cc said...

Is there a *rocket* planned for that adorable toy box? ;)