Thursday, November 12, 2009

the doll

I think I said to Quinn "let's play with the blocks on the table so Hendrix doesn't get them." but wait... he can totally reach now.

just kneeling there... seeing what Quinn was up to.

then he stood up. He can get up just fine, the problem is that he has no concept of holding on yet... so as soon as he's standing up I have to be right behind him because he just randomly lets himself fall backwards. (the reason I wanted the hard wooden blocks on the table and not underneath him when he falls)

and oh... I finished her. Dave was at "Ignite Boise" tonight, so I put the kids to bed at 6 (Seriously...) and sewed her up. She was not the easiest project I've ever done, but lots of fun. If you have a girl-- you should make her one. look how cute!!

and while the knee-highs are adorable, they were a little tricky. and also--if you make her-- I made her face/legs/arms out of fleece, which seemed much more cuddly than the canvas they suggested. It worked fine, just had to sew the face instead of paint it. Now let's see if I can wait until Christmas to hand her over :)

and i'm considering naming her before I give her to Quinn. Quinn has had a tendency to come up with REALLY wacky names lately. The dolls that I have named, have stayed named, but her 'friends' that aren't named--she calls them Taco, Daco, Tikki, Doltha, or Pantha. Have any good name suggestions??


daine said...

pukie puk

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

I think you should totally name her Chelsey. It's sophisticated, no? Ü

Mom said...

very funny, Daine. I thought the names Quinn came up with were cute. Unique anyway. Tikki is a good name.

Salem said...

That is so cute...I've been wanting to make one for a while now...thanks for the tips!