Monday, November 09, 2009

hendrix's tongue

hendrix has been sticking his tongue out ALL THE TIME. it's quite funny to me...I caught some on camera.

His favorite...climbing on top of a box and sticking his tongue out at the same time

crawling with his tongue out

you can almost see his new pearly white if you look close enough. on the bottom on the left front. so cute :) and i'm fairly certain that's why his tongue is out all the time--he can feel it down there.

quinn trying out hendrix's silly face

This has been quinn's perch the last few days. book reading is a constant for her--but she goes through kicks where it is THE ONLY THING she'll do. the last few days have been one of those kicks.


daine said...

Maybe she just needs a longer book?

Mom said...

Did Quinn learn that from Hendrix (sticking out her tongue)? So is the Lego box the #1 favorite toy? I love that picture of Hendrix. Quinn's hairdo is cute.