Wednesday, November 18, 2009

letter puzzle

You are all going to sick of seeing what I've been sewing! This is what I finished today. (also a present for Quinn. Remember the Christmas countdown I made last year?? I put a present in it every day, so I need to have some stuff ready!)
a letter puzzle

she can keep the letters in the bag so they don't get lost (but let's face it, she'll still lose some)

and the bag velcros onto the puzzle

and it folds in half and rolls up

and sorry. i don't have a tutorial link because i made it up myself. which is why it has lots of character :)


cc said...

You need to start making some stuff to sell! I want some of these for under MY tree! It is all SO cute.

Leslie said...

Dang girl, you have been sewing up a storm! Is there still more to come? I don't believe I am making much of anything this season for presents. I'm a bum I guess. What did you use for the letters? I've never seen those car pockets, but they are really cute!

Mom said...

First of all, the background fabric is SO cute! I love how the bag velcro's to it. You are extremely clever! Where in the world are you going to come up with all the little presents for the alphabet and car and safari pockets?? (now that's pressure).

valerie said...

holy moly, you never cease to amaze me. I love all your craftiness, your adorable sewing projects, and I love that I get to see it all......and then secretly feel bad for myself that we were not "gifted" in that area of life. :)

Liz said...

You are amazing Amber. :)