Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Car Ramp

Grandma and Grandpa Stevens got Hendrix this car ramp for Christmas. Both kids play with it a lot!! Here are some pictures

We named Quinn's doll I made her "Daisy." Notice that Daisy is in a lot of pictures lately. It's super sweet... she sleeps with her and brings her places. Just what I hoped for something I made her :)

Quinn was being SUPER sweet to Hendrix yesterday morning. I had mentioned how Hendrix felt cold. Quinn RAN into her room and got one of her hoodies for him to wear. It fit him perfectly :)


Mom said...

That is super sweet how Quinn takes care of her brother. I'm glad they like the car ramp. I see the puppet theater in the background. That is cool. We'll have to have a puppet show when we come to Idaho.

Sarah said...

Ahha! Before you know it she will be dressing him up in princess dresses and ballet outfits! He may even like Polly Pockets. Oh wait, I guess I am talking about Ellie and Levi. So cute. Hendrix is thinning out a bit...he is definitely on the move! Love the posts. Sar