Saturday, January 02, 2010


We went sledding today with the Huszars. Here is Quinn happily playing in the snow

Dave taking Hendrix down on the sled while I was having a heart attack

He survived

He liked the snow too... we didn't even hear a peep from him the whole time we were there

I went down the hill once (The 'bunny slope') as Jason called it. I was holding the camera when I went down, so I had to reenact my facial expression for you.

The happy guy getting bundled up. He thought it was pretty funny

ummm?? I don't really know what she was doing, but she was having fun

Dave's in red, Jason is in blue. They went down the 'real' hill. watch out basset hound!!!

a dark (but great...) picture of me and Christy

daddy and Hendrix

maybe the cutest baby ever in snow pants??


kelsey said...

I love your face, when did you bleach Dave's hair, and yes, Hendrix is darling all bundled up! ha.

Mom again said...

That looks like a wonderful sledding hill! Dave's hair color looks great! You and Kristi look like a lot of perfect white teeth (and freckles)! You don't have your Mom's adventursome spirit.