Friday, June 03, 2011

refashion and mixed emotions

I feel like EVERY single craft blogger out there does clothes refashions. I always read them and think "cool-- but I'm never gonna do that."
Well... I had a change of heart. I got this shirt at Old Navy recently for $5. I thought it would be good since it was kind of loose-- it would hide my tummy. Well, every time I wore it, I felt the opposite. It just hugged me in the wrong places. So I thought "Hey!! I could make this into a dress for Veda!"

So I did.
And it was easy.
And I might consider doing another 'refashion' someday.
(Quinn already put in a request for a dress too).

And since it was already a shirt, it has cute details, like elastic in the back.
It might not fit her yet, but that's okay-- she grows fast.

I would have just put it on her and taken a picture, but guess what? She's napping IN HER CRIB. And has been for over an hour.
I know, it's not the strangest thing ever for her to be taking a nap-- but it's crazy that she's in her crib. For the past three months, she has slept either in the swing, or in my arms, or in the Moby wrap while I carry her around. Since she's getting a little bit older and a little more distracted by things like HENDRIX throwing cars across the room or zooming cars across her feet, her naps have sometimes been really short lately unless I'm holding her. (and let's face it, my back hurts). I don't usually do any sort of 'sleep training' until more like 4 months old, but this is a huge step in the right direction. She was asleep when I put her down, but I guess we are going to slowly be working towards all her naps in her crib. Which is why I have the mixed emotions. I want her to be a newborn forever, and to nap wherever and whenever. It stinks when they nap REALLY good in their crib-- but no where else. It makes things like naps at church or in the car MUCH harder. At least it did with my other kids. So I'm going to try and enjoy this next stage. I not only got the kids lunch done, but hendrix down for a nap, a pan of brownies made, and that dress made for Veda. I will hopefully be getting more done around here since I'm not holding her too, or sneaking around since she's been in the swing around the commotion. I guess this is just part of being a mom-- watching them grow out of newborn diapers, and taking naps in their rooms, and graduating from high school. eek.


Mom said...

You are so very clever to make that darling dress out of a shirt. It does stink that newborns grow up into babies that sleep in their rooms but it is a mixed bag since you are not going to have back aches.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...


kelsey said...

soooooooooooo weird, I was going to e-mail you and ask if you did any refashions, because i have LOADS of old clothing items lined up that i think about making into stuff for norah all the time! love it.

i hear you on the napping in the crib but not at church phase. . . ugh.

Jan said...

Amber! I need your number! email me at

Thanks Sunshine