Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Sunshine Pillow

I made Quinn this shag pillow. I made it with a butter yellow fleece to match her room. 
(I just cut a whole bunch of 4x1.5 inch strips and sewed them in lines on the pillow about an inch apart. I probably could have spaced out my rows a little more-- the fleece is so puffy that it's quite dense. I'm not unhappy with the results-- but I'll probably space out my rows more if I do fleece again.)

I started this while my mom was here. My mom is making one too-- but with a plain white knit. Also very very cute. But now Hendrix wants one.... and I'm sure Veda too. I better get to work.


kelsey said...

me too please. it's darling.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

super cute!! it looks like it would take painstakingly long to make!!!! but i do love it!

p.s. does quinn make her own bed in the morning or do you do it for her? what age can i expect jaxton to do that!!? :-)

Mom said...

That turned out SOOO cute! Looks so soft and sweet.

Lindsay said...

thats really cute. it looks great next to your owl pillow. i love those things. cailin sleeps with her every night. i've made a few others as gifts. i might have to try and tackle the new shaggy pillow as well. its super cute!!!