Friday, October 28, 2011


Quinn is growing up before my eyes.
 I feel pretty lucky to be her mom.
 I don't think I could ask for a sweeter little girl.
funny story: the other day the four of us were playing in the bonus room. Veda is getting pretty mobile-- and can get to stuff she wants if it's within reach. So we're playing and I hear Quinn yelling "Fetch! Fetch Veda!" And throwing stuff. She was trying to get Veda to fetch stuff so she would leave what Quinn was playing with alone. Nice... trying to play fetch with her baby sister.


Megan said...

So funny, yesterday I asked Aiden to play with Nola. So I see him throw the ball to the other side of the room and say "Nola go get it". Great minds think alike.

Mom said...

I adore that girl!!

Lindsay said...

what a cute girl. i love that last pic of her in the bean bag with her baby doll. precious!!

Kourtni said...

Kylie does that too... and Summer will actually fetch whatever is thrown. At least they get along, right???

Mom said...

That is so cleaver that Quinn has figured out how to keep Veda from getting her toys. Does Veda fall for it? I love that picture with her holding the doll. I sure love that girl!