Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Yup, today is the culmination of AmberFest 2011. On this day, 28 years ago, our dear Amber was born. A glorious birth. In a shed. In the woods. During a snowstorm. Well, not really that last stuff, but up to the glorious birth part is absolutely the truth.

I'm well aware that my lolkellz™ had some hits and some misses. and as i fail to pull through with the Lexus-in-the-driveway-like-in-the-commercial-that-always-makes-you-cry gift for another year, i mostly wanted to remind you of the 3 best presents i've given you. namely:

...there may also be some chocolate and some other stuff involved. Now for some graphic BDA (blog'y display of affection):

Am, we love you. Seriously, like, way a lot. You are the best wife/mom ever. And we really did a statistical analysis using a random sample of subjects with a median child/mother ratio that included a substrate of ...  

I love you because:
1) you make me laugh. mostly when you try to dance.
2) you sit through most crazy indie movies that only I want to watch (and are usually long/boring).
3) you love and nurture our kids with everything you have.
4) you are smoking hot (and i get to see you in a swimming suit sometimes).
5) because you consistently smell nice.
6) i can't imagine life without you.

Quinn, Hendrix and Veda love you because: 
1) you provide fruit snacks.
2) you are a rock to them.
3) you know how to turn on their movies.
4) you eat a lot of candy, which in turns means there are always treats (and candy-flavored milk for Vaydz)
5) you know just how to hug the best after owies.
6) you teach them love by showing them.

So now, everyone who reads this blog, let's hook this wonderful lady up with some birthday comment love on here (or on the Facebooks) eh? And with that, I'm leaving you with a whole buttload slash grand finale of lolkellz™:


Emily said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl. Hope it is WONDERFUL!!! Loved all the pictures too!

Julie said...

LOL! Great blogginess Dave! And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma Keller said...

Happy Birthday Am. We love you!

Grandma Keller said...

Happy Birthday Am. We love you,

Megan said...

Happy Birthday to you
happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Amber
happy Birthday to you!!!!!
Happy Birthday sweet friend

Sarah said...

Happy birthday!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

LOVE the blog post, dave!!!

happy birthday, amber!!! i really hope you have an AWESOME day!!! you deserve the best!! you are such a sweet person and i admire you so, so much!!! i hope one day i can be as good of a mom and friend as you are!!! you are such a great example to me and i am really grateful for our friendship!!! may all your wishes come true this year :-)

love you LOTS!!

Lindsay said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I've loved all the lolkellz. made me smile. hope your day was wonderful. with a family like that i don't know how it could go wrong!!!!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Sweet post....hope you know how special you are....Happy birthday!

valerie said...

Super Awesome Birthday post dave! I hope you had an amazing birthday Amber!!
I think every year I read Amberfest, I get a little jealous cause its super awesome. Not in a million years would justin ever get on my blog and post.....not that he loves me any less than Dave loves you......Im just sayin...... :)