Monday, October 03, 2011

bean bag

I know that Dave is hilarious and all, but I thought I would post too. And don't even try and tell me that you didn't laugh out loud while reading Day 3. 

Thanks for all the sweet Amberfest wishes. I'm having a great week. Even my kids are loving this Amberfest stuff. They get to help me open presents every day and they know which bowl has 'Amberfest treats' in them. (Even though I change the bowl every  day to throw them off...) :)

The very best thing I have ever made for my kids EVER is this bean bag. If you don't remember, I made both the kids bean bags for their last birthdays. Here is when Quinn got hers.
 I made it around the time that THIS pattern came out. I saw it and knew my kids would love it. I debated for days whether or not I should buy the pattern. I didn't. I still maybe regret it? Only because the cover on Quinn's is coming apart a little-- even though I did french seams. I might still buy the pattern someday just to make a new cover for Quinn's. We'll see.
 But my kids play on this thing for a long time-- every single day. They not only enjoy jumping on it and being thrown on it-- but we read books on it every day (and every night at bedtime). And it happens to match Quinn's big girl room perfectly-- even though I didn't plan it at all.
 Veda likes it too- -it's the perfect height for her to pull herself up on.
 So everyone should have a bean bag-- it's seriously the best toy ever. And oh-- if you make one-- I filled Quinn's with half poly-fill, and half memory foam (cut up into chunks). Hendrix's  bean bag doesn't have memory foam in it, and doesn't seem quite as squishy.
 And this picture cracks me up. I told Quinn to point to her pumpkin. And she pulled the thumb point. Priceless. She went to the pumpkin patch for preschool last week and got a pumpkin. (And Aunt Julie sent pumpkin decorating stickers in my Amberfest package)
This is quinn's hiding spot. She uses it every day yet she still thinks she's being sneaky? Every other time we go up the stairs together, she runs ahead and hides by the bookcase. And just giggles since she 'tricked' me. She's been hiding there for at least a year and a half. I love kids.


Lindsay said...

we've talked about getting cailin a bean bag. i think she'd like to sit in it and watch sesame street. i just wish i was crafty enough to make one. yours are so cute and so big. i love them.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

how did the field trip go?? i hope she liked it! i was thinking about her (but mostly you)...hoping it went well! :)

and i really love the bean-bag idea. the problem is that jax's room is so small there would seriously be NO room for it :( ...maybe one day when we are rich and have a bigger house, then my kids can have bean bags galore! :)

Mom said...

I love how good you both are at catching the kids airborne! So cute! I also love how Quinn is always wearing a tutu. She is so fancy with beads and bracelets. What a little lady. Happy Amberfest Am!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

I just told Jason we need to get the boys bean bags for Christmas....but I won't be making them, no talent here :-)
Cute pics!