Tuesday, October 11, 2011

first pony tail and cookies

Veda wore her first hair tie/hair clip on Sunday. so I had to take lots of pictures to document the occasion. It's still a little soon for a pony tail-- but one of these days she's going to get some more hair :)

 see look-- a cute tiny little pony tail. With the rest sticking straight up.
 My sister sent me a cute set of cookie cutters for Amberfest. You can make all different pumpkin faces.  Quinn and my mom had lots of fun cutting them out.
 And Hendrix had fun cutting some out too-- and decorating. He surprises me with how good he does with stuff like that.

 And just a funny picture of Hendrix. Sorry to spoil the surprise, but he's going to be a cowboy for Halloween. He kinda likes his hat. And see the tongs on the blanket? He LOVES those too. (He even takes a nap with them occasionally). And he's doing 'thumbs down' --- with his pointer fingers.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

your hair is so cute when its curly!!! you should wear it like that more often!!! ...i mean it's dang cute straight too :-) ... just sayin'

i love little veda's ponytail! i used to put jax's hair in a ponytail when he started to get some length when he was a baby :) it's just fun to see it grow! let's pray this next one is a GIRL so i don't have to punish another boy by putting his hair in a pony :-)

Lindsay said...

you are so pretty. i love your hair like that. and that veda ponytail is darling. thats still all i can do with cailin's. i'm still waiting for that hair to grow in thicker so we can rock some pigtails and braids. so glad you're having such a blast with your mom there. enjoy!!!!

Mom said...

That was so fun making the cookies with the kids. So funny that neither one wanted to eat one until the next day ( I guess they were full from supper). I LOVE Veda's fuzzy baby hair and how you're always putting on headbands- so cute!