Saturday, October 08, 2011

my mom's here!

My mom's here!! We've been having lots of fun. Too much fun to take pictures I guess... And out of the few I've taken, only these two turned out. 

My birthday was awesome. 
We had cheese fondue for dinner
I went to dessert with a great friend
My mom got here
We made delicious caramel brownie sundaes (instead of cake---when we celebrated with my mom)
My mom and I had a night out shopping
My mom and I had our traditional dinner at cheesecake factory
Dave and I get to go on another date
Plus-- we've got five more days of hanging out with my mom!
The kids are having fun too:


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i SWEAR your mom is your older twin!!! hope you have a great 5 more days!!

p.s. carmel brownie sundays sound AMAZING!! :)

Lindsay said...

veda's outfit is so cute. I LOVE those leggings. what a sweet halloween baby!!!

kelsey said...


Mom said...

You know- those black and white tights might look cute with Veda's Halloween costume since we couldn't find orange ones.