Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Linder Farms

Man, I've had quite the lack of posting. But I have a good excuse :)

 I sure love this picture of Veda snuggling grandma. She's the sweetest baby ever.
 We went to Linder Farms last Saturday. Here's the family-- squinting into the sunlight.
 Grandma and Quinn. Quinn has been in heaven-- a roommate, plus someone who will play with her 13 hours a day.
me and my mom. It's crazy how much we look alike. 
 Hendrix riding a tractor.
 And looking up close at a sheep.
 Me and Veda. Look at those blue eyes!!
 On the hayride (in the wind)


Sarah Keller said...

How fun! Can't wait to see you guys again soon to catch up! Glad you are enjoying time with your mom. :)

Mom said...

Those first two make me emotional to be away from that sweet baby. I love our annual Linder Farms outing. I love seeing X feeding those animals and how he gets such a kick out of it.

Greg and Alyssa said...

I think you look like your dad, too, though.

That is all.