Monday, October 24, 2011

the weekend

just some random pictures from the weekend with Krystal.
Here's Krystal wiping up some paste for our piñata 
me and veda
krystal and quinn making the piñata

krystal told me to pose. so i did.
walking to the park. i love having a child old enough to actually push a stroller.
Quinn throwing leaves
 Veda being cute
 trying out some leaves
 me and veda

the kiddos at the park. how many colors can i put on hendrix in one day? blue converse and red pants set me up for success :)
veda being sweet at the park
the kids during an exciting game of hide-and-seek at the park with me and krystal.

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Mom said...

All those cute pictures make me so happy! Also sad as I miss you all. Have a very fun Halloween!