Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Birthday and Crafts

isn't dave the best? nothing says "i love you" like my kid's pictures and potty humor :)
but seriously-- he's the best, sweetest husband ever for making me feel so special and loved.

And i've been busy making stuff and being with my kids-- so here's some pictures of both:
a video. more of veda nodding. because it's just too cute. (and yes, I was making her mad. I've asked her a LOT today if it's my birthday. And she always nods yes...) :)

I made veda a swaddle blanket patterned after this one (the velcro kind):
 Yes-- I still swaddle her. but just from her chest down so her arms are out. It keeps her all nice and warm and snuggly. Plus it's a sleep cue for her.
 Hendrix thought it was for him. (Even after showing him that he didn't really fit in it). I didn't get a picture of Veda in it, because after I took this off Hendrix- he took off with it and threw it into his room. But it fits her great-- even though I just winged it while sewing it. I need to get some girly fleece and make her more :)
Last night I hung out with some friends and made this candy corn banner. 
Why didn't i just hang it up? ...
 Because my birthday stuff is up!! :)
We also made these wreaths. The picture doesn't do it justice.... it's pretty cute.
 And this little doll. Gosh I love her. It's amazing that she lets me kiss her 1,000,000,000 times a day. Literally... that many times. She's at such a fun age. And see that hair sticking up?! There is nothing I can do about it. I even try and paste it down with baby mousse. It just sticks right back up. Good thing her face is super adorable. And her little dimple. And blue eyes. She's just the best :)
And THANK YOU for all your sweet birthday wishes. I've had the best week ever. EVERYONE should have a Julie. (my sister). She is the most thoughtful, creative gift giver ever-- and she sends me a huge Amberfest package every year.  I don't deserve her :) and NEXT birthday-- we will be living in the  same place, it doesn't get any more awesome than that. And oh-- my mom comes tonight!!!!! woo hoo!!! Life is good.


chelsea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER!!! I want to be at Amberfest... it sounds so fun. Have a great time with your mom.

Sarah said...

I think I'll be swaddling isaac forever too. How did you make the wreath? It's super cute!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

you can make swaddlers??!? i never even thot about that! waaaay cuter than the ones you can buy in the store! i LOVE them!!

have fun with your mom!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oh...and p.s. we swaddled jax til he was TWELVE months old. i kid you not so i don't think it is odd in the slightest that you still swaddle little veda! :-)

Audra said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER! I hope it is the best so far! What do you mean you will be living near Julie...have you made plans I need to know about?

Lindsay said...

um, she is the cutest thing EVER!!!!! i love the nodding. thats hilarious and so cute. and of course your crafts are awesome. and one more thing, did i tell you that veda is sooooo cute yet?

Julie said...

I love your candy corn banner--so cute! You always come up with the best stuff! I used your cute bag you made me for the first time today (didn't go swimming ALL SUMMER believe it or not!). Anyway, I used it as my gym bag and it was PERFECT! You always make the best stuff... And again--HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

kelsey said...

jake's nephew was swaddled until he was 18 months, i kid you not. scarlett wanted nothing to do with it after a few months and it made me sad!

cute wreath. if i lived there, would you let me come over and then you make crafts while i make treats for us to eat? lol.