Thursday, October 20, 2011

Movie party

What do you do on a rainy Sunday afternoon? 
You have a movie party!
You get your kids, make some carmel corn, and pull all the pillows/beanbags from the house into one room, and watch a movie on your laptop. It makes four year old's pretty happy.
And don't forget your dimpled-cheek baby girl
 This picture makes me laugh... It looks like hendrix has three arms!!! Magic. And his little crossed legs. :)
Found my camera. Actually Hendrix found it. In the bottom of his car toy box. Hmm.... I wonder who put it in there?


Mom said...

mmm.. caramel corn? A movie party sounds so fun. It's those simple things that kids remember too. You have darling wonderful kids.

kelsey said...

that's my idea of fun. and norah's. we better come over next time.