Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Veda's first haircut!!

I haven't found my camera... these are from my iPhone. Quinn started erasing this picture off the Magna-Doodle, but I stopped her before she got too far. The "H" from Hendrix is gone, and so is "Ve" from Veda-- but you can get the idea. It's all of us and our names. And She even drew me holding Veda. Four year olds are awesome.
 Veda modeling her darling face/smile/and new shirt
 And Vede's first haircut. I gave her a pretzel to gnaw on to keep her distracted. She LOVED it... but kinda hated the haircut. (and thanks to Quinn for snapping some pictures for me on my phone)
 See... once the pretzel was gone she wanted outta there.
You can't really see what I did to her hair. She had 20 newborn hairs on the top of her head that were 4 inches longer than the rest of her hair. I cut those.

 I gave her one more pretzel... she ate it with enthusiasm.
 And this one was a good shot of her tooth.... I love her little teeth.


T-I-F-F-A-N-Y said...

Haha, she's (V) it too cute! I tried leaving a message on my blog from your comment but it said I didn't have permisson, which makes no sence. Anyways thanks for the comment and Im sorry you having stress yourself. I can understand the dentist thing. I almost lost a tooth after having Hayden and didn't have dental insurance either. But... I LOVE MY sweets and HATE the dentist. Also bummer about your camera but glad you found a way to post pictures. We'll have to get the kids together soon. I wont have a car for a while but you can come here or we can wait tell I do. Thanks Again for the comment.

Mom said...

Quinn is a genius! And Veda is a doll! I love that fuzzy baby hair (my cousin called it dandelion top).

Lindsay said...

she is so cute. i love her blond wispy hairs, but good call on the 20 outrageously long ones. i just have to keep cutting the back of cailin's so that she doesn't get that sweet baby mullet. i love the small glimpses into your life. they make me smile.

kelsey said...

I love that fuzzy chick hair. So cute.