Thursday, November 24, 2011

cleaning and car shirt

Quinn has turned into quite the little helper. She is awesome at cleaning up toys- maybe better than me. And the other day she asked if she could clean the sliding door and the table with spray cleaner. Well... sure. I'm starting to taste the sweetness of having a child old enough to actually really help out.
oh but wait-- I forgot that Veda is REALLY good at cleaning my floor. Then eating it. Look at that concentration. And she knows how to find the goods-- she'll look right around the table legs because that's where it's hard for me to sweep up 100% of crumbs.
My friend April asked me to cut her some vinyl-- cute huh? So cute that I decided that Hendrix needed a new car shirt.

I tried to get a picture of him with it on this morning, but when I asked, he laid down on his tummy. I don't think he wanted me to take a picture :)


Mom said...

Send those girls over. My house could use a good cleaning :) Cute car "stuff"!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i CANT wait til i have a kid that is old enough to help clean!!! right now it is just a HUGE test of my patience to let jax help unload the dishwaher! gosh it takes him 45 minutes!!!!

love the car shirt! hope you guys had a great thanksgiving!! :-) XO