Friday, November 11, 2011


Dave and I love to watch movies together. Even though we don't always have the same taste in what we watch*. We watch a LOT of Netflix. Netflix instant is awesome. My kids don't get to watch a lot of TV (only if Veda is asleep), but when they do watch a show it's usually from Netflix. And Dave and I watch it on a nightly basis. Whether it's a guilty pleasure like Giuliana and Bill, or a documentary-- I'm Thankful for Netflix.
*Have you guys seen The Tree of Life? Dave and I both liked the movie (is it possible to dislike a movie with Brad Pitt in it?)-- but I didn't really care for the 25 minutes of the film without people-- like the space/volcano/dinosaur parts. But Dave loved those parts. Dave still kind of likes me-- even though I can't always appreciate his taste in movies 100%. But I still always watch everything with him and try to not fall asleep.


Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

Netflix should pay you for advertising, maybe you could single handedly save their business :) I used to love netflix! It was practically on all day in our house. But then their prices raised and you had to choose between instant and the mail and I just think its lame. But I kind of miss it.

Mom said...

Maybe I should get Netflix if it's that great. It's good to have gratitude for all things.

kelsey said...

Netflix is the best.