Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I thought I'd do a round-up of things I'm thankful for since it's practically Thanksgiving.

I'm thankful for my kids and husband and my parents/family.
I'm thankful for my health and for the church.
I'm thankful for my boots.
I'm thankful for Dave's job and his hard work supporting us.
I'm thankful that we are moving somewhere warm.
I'm thankful for my friends.
I'm thankful that my kids have cousins nearby that they love to play with.
I'm thankful for chocolate Cheerios.
I'm thankful for how cute Hendrix looks in his pi's.
I'm thankful that I live at a time of running water and flushing toilets.
I'm thankful for the $10 Old Navy gift card I have in my purse.
I'm thankful for my iPhone.
I'm thankful for our Christmas tree and the pumpkin pie that I have in the oven.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Mom said...

What a great post of gratitude. I'm grateful for you and Dave and those darling grandkids of mine!! And I'm grateful that you do so many blog posts so that I feel like I see and sometimes hear you all so that I don't miss you as much. I'm grateful for this technology and for a million more wonderful things and more importantly, people. Have a great Thanksgiving day my wonderful daughter- wish I was spending it with you.

Amber said...

thanks for the sweet comment, mom. I wish I was spending today with you too!!!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

I am thankful for you Amber and our friendship..wish we could see each other more often, but you are special to me. Happy Thanksigiving to you and your family!

Heather said...

Chocolate cheerios? Why did I not know about these!