Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Snappy

Today I am thankful for happy kids.

This morning we were playing in Quinn's closet (She has a large closet). Hendrix was sitting on my lap and I was burying us in tons of stuffed animals. He shouts: "This is so FUN and GREAT!"

Yesterday I went to Costco with Hendrix and Veda. Neither one cried or fussed or did anything embarrassing. Shopping with two or three kids doesn't always go that awesome, but I'm glad that it doesn't usually go that bad either.

Quinn and Hendrix giggle all day long. Quinn has turned into quite the giggler-- and it seems that Hendrix is catching on. I love to hear them playing and laughing together.

Even little things, like picking out which pajamas to wear to bed, make Hendrix so excited.

And Veda.... all you have to do is kinda look at her and she busts out in a smile.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i love hearing jax giggle!! there is no way that you can be in a bad mood when you hear the sound of your little kids giggling!! it just makes everything seem a little brighter!
i'm glad costco was a happy experience for you! :)

Dave said...

I wish it were possible to catalog and remember all the funny things our kids do/say every day. Cause dang, they crack me up.

I'm thankful for our happy/funny kids too. Good post Ambieface :)

Mom said...

I'm thankful for those happy kids too! There's nothing better than that joy of children and babies over just the simple things in life:)

kelsey said...

I'm so happy for you and your Costco trip! A successful shopping trip just helps your confidence as a mom, doesn't it?

And happy babies too!