Thursday, November 10, 2011


Quinn LOVES preschool. She has the best teacher who is super sweet and awesome to my precious little girl. Quinn has always been really shy, and preschool has helped her a ton to come out of her shell. We chose to put her in a preschool that's with her cousin-- which means it's not in the little town that we live in. Which means I have to drive 20 minutes (okay- it takes 15 minutes, but I have to plan on 25 to get there just because of getting kids in the car, shoes on, and my need to not be even one minute late). And honestly-- it's a sacrifice for the other kids. Dave usually drops Quinn off on his way to the office, so I just have to pick her up. But-- if I don't run errands, then I have to WAKE VEDA UP from her nap to go get Quinn- super sad. Plus, I have to try really hard to keep Hendrix awake since he should already be down for his nap, then he has to sit in the car for 40 minutes-- which doesn't always promote wakefulness. Despite the sacrifices made on the other kid's sleep, I am so glad that Quinn has a fun preschool to go to. She learns all sorts of fun and cool things that I've never even thought to teach her. I'm thankful for preschool.
(the other night before Quinn started eating dinner she asked me to take a picture of her and her "healfy" food.) :)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i am very impressed with your healthy dinners!! :)

i want to see a picture of your hair! it cant be that bad!!! riiiiight? :)

Mom said...

We had healfy food tonight too. Dad went to the store and bought whole grain spinach wraps, tomatoes, sprouts, pine nuts, deli meats, red peppers and fresh mushrooms. I went shopping and when I got home he had everything cut up for our wraps.
I'm so glad Quinn enjoys preschool so it's worth the sacrifice on naps for X and V. I know she does some fun field trips and makes some cool crafts.

kelsey said...

I am also thankful for preschool, even though I have to wake Scarlett sometimes too. Babies are so forgiving! I want to eat Quinn's dinner right now. Looks delicious.